We Offer

Alyx & Yeyi offers the most complete and accessible products in the market to facilitate you all the best you deserve. Enabling performance and quality in transmitters, antennas and studio equipment. Allow us to provide you a versatile and powerful end-to-end solutions.



Alyx & Yeyi is specialized in shortwave radio transmitters. The range includes transmitters from 1 kW up to 100 kW and they offer reliable technology at a very affordable price by consolidating an interactive communication platform which will enables to reach the set up goals in a dynamic environment of this changing world. Every transmitter is built to order to guarantee it meets the customer’s specific requirements, even in design, capability, cost, variety, programmed functions, accessibility.



Alyx & Yeyi is devoted to develop technologies to ensure customers are provided with the shortwave antenna that fulfils their requirements. From directional to omni-directional antennas, from low power to high power, from low cost to high gain models, all is possible. Alyx & Yeyi counts with an extensive experience in engineering for a broad range of environmental conditions that allow us to operate successfully around the world. Your list of goals in our starting point to design the best suitable antenna and to adapt it to your specific needs.


Studio Equipment

Alyx & Yeyi brings you with a fully package of ideas by designing the ideal radio studio setup in order to be the most cost effective solution tailored to your needs becomes an incentive to us that we reach time after time. Our studios use the very latest digital technologies and equipment for professional use and taking into account the rapid changes of technologies in the years to come.