About us

Alyx & Yeyi is a well known established company, with a solid infrastructure since its performance up to its personal care service about our customers, giving as a result an engineering technology with the highest quality standards available in the business market; which allow us to have a permanent trustful and credibility position among our customers. We count with more than 15 years working as a service provider of worldwide radio broadcasting in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and North America. Alyx & Yeyi owns the required technical infrastructure in order to provide broadcasting service to Latin America and the Caribbean Region, through our professional staff in both: engineering and services, so you will be pleased in finding a wide panorama of possibilities for the success of your company offered by us.


Alyx & Yeyi emphasizes for its potential to revitalize the broadcast industry, by offering a worldwide cover service, obtaining a positive impact in the exquisite blend of technical performance, attractive content of services, functionality of the system and flexibility of our offers, taking into in account at all times the factor cost benefit.


Alyx & Yeyi remains up to the technical vanguard in providing sound equipment supplies, such as: radio studios supplies, transmission antennas and broadcast transmitters; we provide technical assistance for updating your equipment, or create and design a complete transformation of a radio studio by installing professional and sophisticated equipment. Regarding antennas, we generate and fabricate the best model that fits into your needs, taking as a base an exclusive engineering design that matches in the service. The transmitters cover in its totality the expectations of the customers, starting with the technical development, the modernity of its performance and the flexibility of its operation; besides a technical support that guarantees our commercial operation.